Sell Your Vehicle

Stop Holding Your Junk

We love your junk. We want your junk. We’ll pay big bucks for your junk, just follow these simple steps to get top dollar for your vehicle.

Give Us the Details

Fill out the form below and tell us what you can about your auto. Remember, we buy junkers –  so be honest. We buy all cars no matter what the condition. But, we need to know whether you’re bringing it to us or if we have to tow it.

Accept Our Offer

Once you accept our offer for your car, we’ll start talking about getting the auto to one of our lots along with making sure we have a clear title on the vehicle. Don’t worry, usually everything happens in just a couple hours.

Pay You Today

Everyone likes getting paid on the spot for their junk cars. So after you accept our offer we’ll pay up as promised! You’ll get a check on the spot and know you’ve sent your piece of crap off to a better place where it will be appreciated. Thats Carma.


What Does Cherry Picked Do With The Junk Cars?

Most cars will end up in our yard so junkyard geniuses can pick ‘em apart for the parts they need to keep their cars running (or their neighbors cars, or their friends cars). Regardless, your parts go to good homes. At some point, every vehicle has to go the crusher which flattens ‘em out like a pancake. Once your junker is completely squished we sell it as scrap to a metal reclaimer who separates the various metals and recycles them.

One thing you may not know is that Cherry Picked is extremely eco-friendly. Before a car is put on our lots, we remove all the fluids so none of that mess leaks into the ground. All those fluids are reused. We never have to buy gas for our cars and we heat our buildings with oil from cars. Ka-ching!

We stand by our industry and have great pride in the part we do for the environment. If you want to talk about tree hugging, you oughta be out hugging backyard mechanics and grease monkeys, because those are the Americans who get greasy and bang their knuckles to yank used parts rather than buying new. Because used parts are way, way better for the environment.

Hey and consider this before you get all uppity about putting used parts in your car: your car is full of used parts. The minute you drove it off the lot it was nothing but used parts. And this is even more true of your ten year old cars. So, help us all out a bit and start yanking your own parts. It’s a lot more fun to do the job yourself.